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Integrating for Zendesk is a simple and effortless translation solution for customer service teams looking to gain the most from their support efforts. Check out some of the biggest advantages customers have experienced when choosing to leverage’s translation capabilities with Zendesk’s support software.


1. Machine Translation Alone Isn’t Enough

With for Zendesk, customer support agents now have access to both quick and accurate translations. Upon sending a human translation order, users can expect to receive their translated message from one of Translate’s 17,000 translators in 30 minutes or less. Quick, effortless translations, in a fraction of the traditional wait time. Avoid awkward machine phrasing and syntax when you use


2. No More Copy and Pasting

Ordering translations has never been easier. Upon integrating with their Zendesk account, users are able to request a human translation of their text by simply typing the combination “#translate” anywhere within their text. Once the ticket is submitted as an internal note, will intercept the text and post a human translation in the form of a response to the customer. Skip the inconvenience of copy and pasting text between browsers with’s easy order interface.


3. Increased Communication Speed

Amaze customers by cutting resolution and first reply times in half. With for Zendesk, agents will have access to automatic machine translations with the option to request a human translation for their customer response. Resolve tickets quicker than ever by leveraging human translations from’s community of more than 17,000 translators.


4. Multiply Multilingual Agent Capabilities

If you’re fortunate enough to employ bilingual support agents, integrating for Zendesk can help further your internal team’s capacity. Leverage’s integration to increase team bandwidth by expediting agent translation times with automatic machine translations.


Start communicating fluently with global customers today. For more information visit's enterprise page.

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