To our Community

When we launched, it became clear that while machine translations were helpful for providing the basic understanding of another language, the quality was far from that of a professional translator. Prior to building our community of active working translators on the site, we asked our community of volunteer translators to give written human translations for requests submitted directly by our customers.  As a precaution, there was a clear note on our homepage stating: "All translations will be sent to our community to improve accuracy.”  This was to ensure our users were aware that they would be alerted if we were able to provide a better translation for them (see  Some of these requests were indexed by search engines such as Google and Microsoft at that time.
We now provide a solution for users to seamlessly request removals of the translations when these appear within a search page.
If you would like a translation removed, please send the URL link of the translation to be removed to [email protected].
The Team